Friday, May 14, 2010

Michael Kiske: ex Helloween singer gives an interview to European rock magazine

In a recent interview to rock magazine in Europe, Michael Kiske (ex Helloween current Unisonic) commented on his new band and their projects.
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MK: It's a pleasure to play in a band again, I have spent much time of my life doing things alone, it is good to have reliable people so that we can divide the process of composing and recording. Ward is a great musician and producer, Costa and Mandy are also excellent. I hope all right and that this band will last for many years, that does not mean I will not do my solo albums, anyway I have a contract yet and desire to comply with it. plus the atmosphere of a band is always different, you share more, a different energy there. The Unisonic is not a metal band, also will not be eighties as Place Vendome, will be a rock band and we hope to do better and give our best from the start, without haste. We already have some stuff well and hope to have something more concrete before the tour.

Composition process of the album:

MK: There will be songs mine in these album, all we are sharing, is an enjoyable process.

About his process of composition:

MK: I try to be as transparent as possible, because I'm so, I'm real, and when you're true to yourself everything flows better, just hope people will see this.


MK: I'm looking forward to ascend to the stage again, now with a band that's possible, before, in my solo career, everything was more complicated, I had to take care of everything, now the spotlight will not be only about me, we're a band and it works better that way. I hope everything is as exciting as being up here, I know that in time will give a tremor, so I'm leaving more for the future, much work right now and want to fill my head with it.

Songs for the tour:

MK: Is basically Unisonic and Place Vendome, and one or two of my Helloween for those of my old fans.


MK: It was always a pleasure to participate in the project of Tobias, he's a good guy, smart and creative, I never had a problem singing clever songs, some songs like "Lost In Space" very pleasing sing, sorry that my version for this not entered the album.

Shareholdings as guest musician:

MK: Well, I guess now I'll stop for a while, I'm in a band now and it takes a long time, and I want to always do better, and I think after this I did with the Gamma Ray and Tomorrows Outlook will not do something new , but never say never, appearing in a very good time I'm with more time, maybe, for now I have much to give me.

Mat and Somerville:

Matt is a great person, and is devoting enough of him to this project. I will not have much longer time is a satisfaction to have done this, do not know if in future I'll have time for something like this, but it was nice, I'm not following the whole process. I know that most are in good hands. Amanda has is a great girl, your voice is beautiful, I wouldn't mind to step down and give her much more parts to sing, Dear Ami, was a pleasure to share this with you.

Kai Hansen:

Kai is a lot of fun. I do not have and never had problems with him. We could have done something together after Helloween, but I guess it was not to happen.

About the time of Helloween:

At first I was afraid, not much like the wall of Jericho, plus get in a band that had recorded an album was exciting, and the direction of the Keepers was quite different. In the end I am proud to have done it. With the departure of Kai things changed, he took much of his joy with him, things started to get very competitive, but I always thought everything was calm and we could continue. I Was wrong and I was sad to knowing that people who called themselves my friends ignored me and spoke bad things about me, now it's in the past.

On a tour with Helloween:

Everyone knows what I think of Mr. Weikath, it's already answered.

Illegal downloads:

MK: It cheapens the artist, I know it's hard to control, it only cheapens the art, an artist uses a lot of time to do something, and no return is hard to stay, I think the true fan should purchase the product, whether in audio or video, legally.

A final comment for the readers:

MK: Never give up, always be near those who love you really, And believe in J. (A clear reference to Jesus), he's right.

Translation: Paul Schmidt